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Well, Thursday I was made redundant from my job! I had only been there 6 months, but I am really sad that now I have to go through the hassle of finding a new job. I guess its the universe saying to me....there is something out there for you and this just isnt it. I applied for four new jobs yesterday, all better paid and more challlenging so sending it out there that one comes through which is terrific with great people who I really like. The place where I was working was just so emotionally cold it was depressing. I really am grateful to the universe for giving me the push to find something so much better.
Ok, so here is where I am at. I just had my third child diagnosed with autism last week. 3 out of 4 kids isnt bad. Means a little more work, but hey, I am a big girl and will deal with whatever comes my way. The universe never gives me more than I can handle, I know that.
My father passed away about 6 weeks ago. I really miss him especially this week but it was his time to go. He had been sick with cancer and passed peacefully with his family around him. I am grateful that the universe in its own way gathered us all together that night in the hospital as we werent told that his passing was imminent, but we all for some reason had gathered. I am so grateful that his passing was so sweet, and really so glad I got to have a final conversation a couple of days before with him which will stay in my heart forever. He said things that he had never said before, like how proud of me he was, and that he thought I was the strongest woman he had ever met. It was just an amazing thing that we were given and I am so grateful to the universe for that. Even the opportunity to nurse him in his final days was a blessing for my brothers and me, it was a healing thing which we all were reallly glad we did.
Ok, so on to a new challenge season for me, so this is what I am putting out there.
1. I will be working in a new job with great people in a work place which has emotional warmth and is fulfilling.
2. The house is more organised with everything in its place so that day to day is more smoothly run.
3. My kids continue to see the reason behind doing homework and that Brent excells in his studies as I know he is capable of just so much with his IQ over 150.
4. That Jack is settled at school and he is learning so much more now that he is getting treatment for his ADHD
5. That my marraige is strong and healthy with lots of love
6. I am driving a newer car
7. That Stephanie finds her voice finally.

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Comment by Seisrush Ob on July 31, 2009 at 6:14pm
Same thing happened to me, I was fired on Father's Day!
But it was a truly terrible job. And a lot of the debris in my life has been clearing away, making room for the grandiosities to come!
Comment by Janine on July 31, 2009 at 6:08pm
Thanks Megan. Its really funny that a real sense of peace came over me as I was packing up my things that the universe was giving me a message that the job was becoming a negative in my life and that there were better things on the way. Hey, at least I got a months pay which is more than I would have expected so it gives a bit of leeway for me to find work.
Mrs Thom had told me about Mrs Davidson and Miss Steere when I saw her in town one day. But then they were in their 50s when they taught us so I guess add 30 years and its not to be unexpected. Oh and I heard from Sybilla the other day and ran into Sue Robertson the same day, how freaky is that!
Comment by Megan on July 31, 2009 at 5:44pm
Janine- that is a BUGGER!!! But i KNOW you can deal with this and i always believe that all this stuff happens for a reason-it may take a while to see it-but it will be there!!!. I am absolutely thinking of you and I am positive your new job is coming along FAST and far more enjoyable than the last...LOTS and LOTS of love Megan xxxxxxx
PS. I heard from Miss Murray from school and she told me Mrs.Davidson, Miss.Steere and Mrs. Mackinnon have all passed away-kind of gave me a shock!!!

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