The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Abundant creators,


Life is a Gift - its all about the way you open and unravel it - because the present will always take you by surprise! :)


I am grateful to be alive in this beautiful world, one full of happiness, prosperity and success. I am grateful for sharing this blog with you today and feeling your presence in my heart. I am grateful to be so extremely happy that I could scream with joy. I am grateful that I am going home this weekend and I will achieve alot of work at home.I am so grateful for my beautiful friends and family.I love you x


I am on top of my work, I am doing very well, I have achieved so much already,  training contract in the big city law firm is awaiting my presence. 


I will wake up tomorrow feeling GREAT ABOUT MY LIFE! I will wake knowing that I have achieved my 1st class, knowing that I am the best at what I am and have achieved every last top grade in the history of univeristy. I am the top student here at University and I can see myself getting awards for my wonderful achievements. i HAVE ACHIEVED SO MUCH THAT I HAVE THE ABILITY TO WALK INTO ANY FIRM POSSIBLE - NO DISCRETION.!


Thank you God, for you are beautiful.



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