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Hello Everyone,

Been quite busy shuffling around and trying to find good work.

Has anyone ever had a family member or friend promise to help you along your way in life? Everything sounds good and at first they attempt to help you out but then...they completely ignore you exist? So I've actually been quite flustered trying to communicate with a cousin who said he would help me find a good job and talk to me about advice. Now complete silence! I've texted, emailed, and messaged him but nothing. I can see he is busy but I can also see that he is purposely ignoring me now. Never been crossed with him, never demanded anything, and I always said Thank You for any help.

It's very weird to be ghosted by your own cousin. I am very disappointed by his actions but I have to push forward past this road block.

Peace- Stacey

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Comment by Kevin on February 6, 2017 at 11:57am

hey stacey, how's it going? this seems like it would be a challenge to deal with for sure. i have been in similar situations and thought that i could offer another point of view (perhaps a bit of a devil's advocate side, just want to stress i totally feel what you are going through)

from your cousin's point of view, there may be several thoughts preventing him from communicating with you, depending on how close you are to your cousin perhaps before this interaction occurred - like if you see your cousin all the time or mostly around holidays for example. if it's the latter, it could be that your cousin is going through something or is experiencing some challenges perhaps related to career or otherwise that he might see as preventing him from being able to give you at the minimum adequate attention that he wants to give you.

for example, i went through this when i moved to new york, and several of my friends discussed wanting to help me find work when i moved here, and once i gave them my resumé etc, they sort of dropped off and out of communication with me. i was also frustrated and was wondering what was going on and why they just weren't being there for me when i needed them the most. well it turns out, both of them no longer wanted to live here and both of them moved in their own time across the country to different places. they were going through their own existential crises of location.

what this forced me to do was dig deeper and reach out to other people and force myself to get out into the public to give people my resumés and set up interviews. i could not rely on those two friends to help me out. to me, this confusing lack of communication meant that the universe was trying to stoke my desire to really go out and attract what i wanted. the fact that they had communicated a desire to help me, as i see it, was the universe wanting to send a sign that my goals were in the process of manifestation, but that that was as far as those two friends were willing to help me in their own process.

i don't know if this helps! but i thought i would share with you. in the end - i ended up printing out resumés, emailing and responding to ad posts, setting up multiple interviews, and then landing a job through another friend who casually asked me how my job search was going, and then i had a job within the week, and all of that manifested very fast and effortlessly

Comment by Stacey P. on February 3, 2017 at 10:45pm

I definitely wish him the best and hope he comes around. Positive vibes.

Comment by CalmWind2 on February 3, 2017 at 10:06pm

Wow, all the reflections I'm getting from this site suddenly....

I not only have had this happen, but the family I used to have, has done this to me for years.  I'm wanting my moment to be free of them, because I won't look back.

I've had friends do this too, but not all of them.  It hurts, doesn't it?  It sure does me.  But I'm just gonna go forward.  I hope you and your cousin work it out.  Maybe something happened to your cousin?  Anyway, yeah, I know the feeling.

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