The 100 Day Reality Challenge

When I first start 100 day challenge,  for the first two weeks I co-create my reality and blogs my days and check in every day.  As time progressed and things were manifesting and what I was creating were coming to fruition, the universe was giving me contrast and my choices become clear and the things that I had in my life I had to decide to continue the path or go with the change that I had created.  Life's clutter to move on with the new, you must clean up and tie lose ends.  As a month has past and the dust has settle and my life has only got even better and all things are happening.  I have job that I love to do, I am selling clothing and making money, financial things have tripled.  I wish much success to those who are on the journey.  Blessing to all love, protection, health, wealth and complete happiness to all.

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