The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hi Everyone...
It's been a whirlwind! I have done quite a bit in the last 60 days or so and it continues to rise.. I taught two introduction classes on, One of Healing with Gemstones and a 2nd on Craft to Cash. Both are an introduction to a several week Webinar series being taught on the same platform... I've been moving so fast I have not taken the time to post my progress and share with you what was happening.. well my friends Amaura and Annett have reminded me that I have neglected this challenge not so much for me but for you in sharing what was happening for me.
I have posted the series in the events section and will try to stay more on top of listing other things I am doing.
Check the videos also to get a chance to understand on a deeper level what's up.
I am looking forward to a very productive season and challenge.

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