The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hello everybody!!!!


How do you feel? How are you? 


I'm so happy for being came back!


My trip in Bourgogne was wonderful. hard, but wonderful!!

So much trees, so much green, so much nature... Amazing scents, birds songs, calm and serenity...

It was wonderful, even if we had to empty the grand'ma's Pierre house. In fact, it was Pierre and is brother's house, but we can't keep it. We don't have enough money to keep this so beautiful house, so we have to sell it...


By the way, if you want to buy a beautiful house in a beautiful country... Let me know!!!


I'm going to publish my first video vision... And I'm really proud of me!! I love it!!!! I passed a long time to choose the good pictures, to put music on it, etc... but I found the result wonderful!!! I have a big smile when i'm seeing it, and I love it very much!!!! So good vibes!!! it -'s going to be an incredible support to manifest my dreams!! I'm sure!!!!


but, you know, now i'm quite afraid. But I know i can be like that. I'm going to write about the frighteness, and after I will let it go. 

So, i'm afraid, because i know what I really want. And... it could happened!!! I could manifest everything! and i'm afraid about that... I could have proposition to go around the world right now. I could have the opportunity to go to NY for free right now.... 


But I'm going to cancel this thoughts. Stop stop stop!!!! Universe knows what is good for me... He's going to send me everything at the good, the right time... And it is perfect!!!



So, if you're afraid too...
It could slow down the process of manifestation. So...

be ok with your fears. yes, they exist. Ok. You see them. Ok. you observe them. Ok. And then, let them go out, and be confident in the universe!!!! He KNOWS WHAT IT IS GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!



Oh, you know? I made a wonderful dream last night!!!

I dreamed about Lilou Mace!! We were meeting in a bar, in fact on the terrace. We were speaking as if we was old friends!!! I remember the joy between us! We were both really happy, really full of joy and dynamism. We were speaking about her book, about its french translation, and about the man who made the cover of her book!!!

It was really good, and we felt both very happy!!!




Love love love!!!!!

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Comment by Vanieta on April 29, 2011 at 5:54pm

Hi Lilie!!!!!!!!!! Welcome Back!!!!!!!!!!!! We missed you. 

I know how it feels to be afraid of manifesting your dreams. I'm afraid of manifesting some of my dreams because of the changes that might happen. If we let go of these fears our dreams might come to us much faster. I think I'm going to go do ho'oponopono process and journaling to clear up some of these fears. 

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