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I have been  feeling , thinking, feeling and thinking about that issue with my ex husband  that popped up on thursday night. I felt so low on the emotional scale , I tried to climb up a little bit but I was so much in a "mental" state of mind that it did not happen as easily as usual.

Then yesterday I asked in my daily intentions to gather the energy within me to reach an acceptable , objective and respectful solution.The only answer that came up is that it had to come from the heart ,that respect would attract respect , that I had to focus and write positive thoughts to reach a peaceful outcome.


I'm feeling so much better today , I feel lighter , I can see light where it had grown darker ...

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Comment by Sunny Side Up on January 29, 2011 at 11:27am
This sounds great!  I know this is very hard to do when it comes to exes but I'm glad you focused on it and made progress. You have the power within you to give yourself peace.

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