The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Looking at my goals again.....Day 51 of Season 1

Hi Beautiful Co-creators:

So yesterday was my half way mark of the 100 Day Challenge!!! I feel that CCOR has saved me in so many ways. I think it was just before I started this challenge that I was laid off. However, somehow it didn't affect me mentally that much....because before this happened I knew about CCOR.....and had even tried starting a few times but didn't succeed. I guess I wasn't mentally, or physically prepared. My soul was not ready or something. Anyhow my point is I knew that CCOR was like my angel holding my hand giving me guidance, support, and love through all the members...blogs, videos, grattitude journaling, and more. As wel Lilou's book title alone made me think *so what I lost my job, but I hated it anyways, so let's move on & find something I really like.* Perhaps it's all a frame of mind of how we see things.

Anyhow as I made my vlog yesterday celebrating my 50th day, I realized there are still so many things I haven't accomplished or have met my standards yet. So here are the things I really really really really, and I mean really want to work on.

1) Find a full time day job

2) Exercise, and by this I mean going to the gym, walking for long distances, and

doing the Wii Fit, and my Hip Hop Abs dvd's (depending on what the weather is like

that day, and my schedule).

3) Re-connect with friends (from high school, and etc)

4 ) Finish my first draft of my novel

5) Research & become a more healthy & food concious

6) Re-connect with my fan base

7) Start my website, and have it go live!!

8) Read at least 2 books a week (stories), and other research books

9) Sell more products (from my AVON business)

10) Drink LOTS & LOTS of WATER!!

11) Connect with my future husband

12) Win the top prize jackpot of a lottery worth millions

13) Make lots of new true friends

14) Raise more money for charities

15) Travel to Vancouver

16) Live in my dream house!!

Whoa that was long, hope you all have a super fantastic day/week!!

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Comment by Love Life on April 29, 2010 at 2:22pm
Thanks everyone!!
Comment by Michelle Vitan Ofreneo, CPA on April 28, 2010 at 6:44pm
WOW, I can feel great eNeRgy! GO GIRL !!!

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