The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Looking forward to the works "Inspiation days " in STOCKHOLM.

YEAHHH, looking forward to my work having the Insiration days in STOCKHOLM. I work at a gym and each year the ship all the employees to Stocholm were we stay for 2days. We are going to work out one day, at each class we are about 200 people and there are 4 classes each our. Man thats a lot of people and this is the first time I get to go.

There are some famous people in Sweden who's going to instruct the classes ;). One of the our's I am going to have Yoga with Malin Berghage who's famous here. hihi. And in the evning we are going to have a big party with performances and we have a theme. The theme for this year i "HOLLYWOOD celebrities". Like we are going to dress up as celebrities. papparazzis, bodyguards etc. Iam going to be a bodyguard, Im going to borrow my boyfriends handcuffs (he works as a guard and bouncer, don't get any ideas) pilot glasses etc. It's going to be FUN.

And everyting is working as planed with this 100Days challange ...

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