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Dear Co creators,

In one of those life changing moments, few years back I had learned that we always have the power. No matter where you were born, what your relationships have been, you can turn it all around. My lover left me, I was devastated beyond repair and little did I realize it was a blessing in disguise. My whole life change changed from that moment on. I thought I had lost everything in my life, but no I hadn't. It was all the time in just need a wake-up call.

Fast forward almost 4 years from that day....Dec onwards last year it has been quite a journey. I attracted a beautiful relationship and my fears somehow played a bigger role and I happened to attract some diseases too which are playing a havoc in my mind and in my relationship. I do know every disease is because of some resistance in our minds. I grew up as someone who never believed I could be loved, I could be in a relationship. Intimacy was a no no. I didn't have a very good relationship with my mother and I had been in abusive relationships. And I believe all that would added up, whatever was bottled up inside of me had to come out in some way or the other. In my case, it showed up as this disease for which I am undergoing a treatment. If I could attract the hottest guys around, I am sure I can attract better health too. ;) 

I don't know where my relationship is going, it seems to be losing its shine but nevermind. I will use LOA and all that I have learnt from Louise Hay, Abraham, Deepak Chopra and Demartini to keep it shining! Every step in my life had brought me closer to learning to love myself. I spent my whole evening reading The Secret stories on The Secret website. Its amazing how our lives can change when we believe in our capabilities.

I will LOVE myself no mater what. I will LOVE my partner no matter what.

Pray for me and my relationship co creators! I need all the prayers and energy I can get for myself and my relationship.

Love and light,


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Comment by Bettina on May 11, 2013 at 2:17am

   Good morning, V

           I send you much Love and Light for you and your relationship!

                                                                                         sunny times, Bettina

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