The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Loving myself, being in vortex and opening myself up to receiving is still my top priority and it's gonna STAY that way

I have heard this a LOT.

You know love yourself.

That comes first.  That is the foundation.

But now it's like I'm really GETTING it.  I'm really SEEING the value of it and it just feels nice.  I'm affirming it a lot.  I love myself, I love myself.  I also got an ebook to help me love me more.  

Cos it's really something I want to build up.  

And I say to myself no matter what, I love you.  I really love you.  

I had quite an abundant experience, I don't wish to share the details of it but that and something I read about receiving and...I don't actually know WHAT it is? but I've been thinking and thinking and THINKING about how I haven't always been as open to receiving as I would like to be -- especially from men --- but in general.

I can be very good at giving and it's not like I CAN'T receive but it's something I am now committed to INCREASING.  My capacity to receive.  I also remember reading somewhere about how when you DON'T let yourself receive, you deny the other person the opportunity to GIVE, and all the good THEY would get.  (Assuming you WANT that gift.)

But even with compliments.  I have an online private journal and one section I put two entries in then abandoned is for compliments people have given me.  Today I started that part up again.  I typed in two wonderful compliments I was given.  

I just feel that as I open myself up to receiving more and more, it will really help to unlock the flow of abundance and love even more.

And LOVE.  Unconditional love.

That's another thing, OK it probably can't truly be unconditional love but I am focusing on sending that more to people just thinking I love you, sending love and so on.  It's easier for some than others! but it feels great to do it or just think "I love you anyway."

Even if they're being a jerk.

YES, assert yourself

but intend

"I love you anyway."


Loving ME.  Most of all.

I started, like I said in my previous blog post before this, affirming that I am beautiful.  Well about two days ago I thought if I want to attract that in others, let's affirm in myself the OTHER qualities I want as WELL as the physical beauty.  One of them was I'm funny - and I am!

but SINCE that it's AMAZING, I attracted two girls to laugh with at this cafe and one said "Have you ever considered comedy?"

and also this guy - one of my new admirers! - messages me funny things now that makes me laugh and laugh! 

So I am attracting more laughter! as I appreciate my wonderful (well, sorry guys, but it IS!) sense of humor.

I really am committed to having a life long love affair with myself, with laughter, with being love and with LIFE! And HAPPINESS! 

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Comment by Athena on April 28, 2014 at 12:14am

An ebook workbook called The Art of Self Love

by Jeanette Maw

I love the title of yours too!

Comment by Sunny Side Up on April 21, 2014 at 11:27pm

I am working on loving myself too. I'm reading Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It. I love that title because it's so true! What are you reading that motivates you?

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