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Manifesting Every Day on the MPL-USA ART TOUR!!!

Last Friday, I was sitting in the Jacksonville Public Library using the free wifi! I love libraries! That one was really nice — very bright and cheery!! It was a few hours before the General Assembly at the Occupy Jacksonville. I invited them to add their positive intentions to the Mass Manifesting Mobile. Visiting my 2nd Occupy site has been quite heart warming. Getting to know other citizens who are willing to work together to figure out what can we do together to shift the direction of our planet. The Occupy Jacksonville stay at their site at Heming Square 24 hours. They aren’t allowed to sleep so they sit there. I almost spent the night with them on Saturday, Jan 21. My place to stay fell through and no one had answered my emergency couch surfing request. I was prepared to stay on the street with the Occupy – 5 men and 3 women. I parked my mini-van around the corner so I could sleep in it if I wanted to. I got invited to go get dinner at the Salvation Army with a young couple that actually met at the Occupy site. Occupy LOVE!

Going to the Salvation Army was an experience to talk about at a later date. What I will say is I am grateful for the opportunity to experience life with all kinds of humans. As the night got closer to the 8pm, I started to feel like this isn’t where I was supposed to be. So I went to my mini-van and made a call to a friend of a friend that I had met a few days before for soup. I asked if I could spend the night on her couch, she said yes. THANK YOU. On the drive over there, I told myself, it doesn’t matter if she has cats because I will be able to find some place to sleep in her home. Turns out she had no cats and her place felt like heaven. To be able to find sanctuary in her home for the night has given me such peace. I will always have a safe clean place to sleep every night. I wrote that on a manifesting circle on Saturday!

I am manifesting every thing I need as I live each moment in the moment. When I begin to waver, I start to feel panic, I quickly find a feel good place – like sharing on FB or with a friend and I can get back in the moment.

Being in the moment right now is so important because I drive through the country side of USA, I can feel the energy rising. My wish is have my art project help contribute to the energy rising in a positive way.

Next stop – Valdosta! x2!

More positive art has been added to the Mass Manifesting Mobile made by a 5th grader boy!!



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