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Manifesting Money by getting to work!

I will try to video blog this too but, basically, I am starting to make some money. I was holding off on going back to work but Cheryl Richardson had said not to be afraid to do it, so I did. I now am working three part time jobs in addition to freelancing and I am loving it! It is a good exhaustion. One position I already had working for a lawyer on Thurs. mornings. Then they have expanded my newspaper position to include some administrative/ bookeeping work. That may be temporary, but I am happy to have it. The third is the new position of tutoring (about 12 hrs. per week). I also got asked to do something with a production company, which I should find out more about tomorrow.

This is in addition to working on articles. Just got another website to work on too and a few new articles!

It seems the more I work, the more I get asked to work! :)

I also, "out of the blue," got two and possibly three acting gigs! I have a small part in a short as the wife of the attache, a bit part in a film I tried out for that they really liked me but I didn't have the right look but they want to include me (I also may be doing some interviewing on the set) and today I got a call from someone I barely have met asking me about some other project for a production company that has ties to LA. Very cool.

In the meantime, my health is all better!

I have been revisiting an old relationship. That has been a bit confusing. Not much going on there other than spending more time together, but something is missing. More like siblings (much like it used to be!)

Anyway, I am committed to making more money than I ever have! I am committed to getting out of debt this year!

I have a couple other opps. in the works too.

Whoo hoo!

By the way, I got a director for a major production! Excited about that. Still keeping that open as another opportunity. I hope to work with them and be in that film, too!

Bye for now. I have to get up super early. AND my acting book is still in the works.

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