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Amazing Health Cure

I have been feeling so amazing! I started the Gerson therapy a few months ago and it cured my Fibromyalgia and my Arthritis completely! I had gotten so sick for three plus long years and could barely get out of the bed or hold up a coffee cup without wincing in pain in my joints. I would crawl the bed at night in pain.

Doctors and their various medications were of no help for me at all. I really had to take my health matters into my own hands.

Thanks to the Gerson protocol I have been back at work full time for over a month now. They have cured thousands of people of cancer and other life threatening maladies. My diet now consists of mainly raw foods or green foods and juices. Not sugary sweet smoothies like I was doing before because they didn't work well enough and only elevated my blood sugar but things using veggie smoothies like Purple cabbage juice and collard green juice with water.  I feel better than I ever have in my whole life. I am so glad to be cured.


My insurance got put through so I can get my hernia surgeries as soon as possible.


Instead of focusing on a lack of relationship right now I have been meditating on the general image of love and on the twin flame consciousness. Instead of dreaming of a man with brown eyes I meditate on the image of a man being loving with me and compassionate. There is someone that has entered my auric field that has peeked my interest a little bit.

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