The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I've manifested (a number of times now) with "Wouldn't it be nice, if.... (fill in believable explanation as to why you're not out of sugar but instead you can find a pack somewhere in your house, for example.)

I've searched my cupboard, underneath the cupboard, in all of my bags and pockets and in a drawer numerous times. No cigarettes. Okay, I did find four all together, but I wanted a full pack. My believable explanation was that there could be a stray pack that slipped out of the carton (worked last time). Nothing. Then I remembered that I didn't buy a carton at all but two single packs. Hm.

I listened to Abraham talking about how one can't NOT believe it's there and still find something. You have to be sure it's there somewhere and you're currently just not seeing it.

I thought about challenging Abraham/my guides to send me a sign. Funny, suddenly I remembered that little cute bug that came flying to me as I waited for the underground. It entered the underground with me, sat down on my bag, walked aroud. I played with it a little bit. A few stops later it made off. That was a few months ago when I was having an "Abraham phase". I took it as a nice little sign but didn't think about it more.

Today it hit me: The name of that bug was my late grandmother's name! I couldn't believe I missed that! Esther Hicks is so much better at interpreting signs than I am. Seems like I'm catching up, though, eh? (good thing that our late relatives all transform back into pure positive energy, because granny was anything but;)

So after that revelation I hit the cupboard again for the umpteenth time. I'm sure there's a pack there, I told myself. It's there because it has to be. I can't see it yet, but I will. And then .... there it was. My full pack. Incredible.

So far, I've won some little amount every week in the lottery. Covers the costs. Wouldn't it be nice if I manifested tens of Thousands of $$$$? Can't wait. I'm offering the universe avenues to work with...

PS not 100 % back in good health but working on that.

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Comment by Celine on January 2, 2012 at 5:16am

I love this. Thank you for sharing. 

this is the one "practice" I must use more often. 

Fantastic motivatig story!


Comment by Ayana Obika-Clayborne on February 16, 2011 at 10:02am

Years before I heard of Abraham I "accidently" used the "wouldn't it be nice" tool.  When I was a young single mother I inherited my childhood home.  I was comfortable there and at the time had not really thought of moving.  However, the neighborhood had gone down a bit from what it was when my family moved there.  One day I was invited to attend a naming ceremony for a friend's new baby.  It was at my friend's home in a neighborhood that I never heard of.  When I arrived my friend's husband greeted me with an apology that the ceremony had been postponed because my friend wasn't feeling well.  So I only stayed about 20 minutes, long enough to say hello to my friend and leave my gift.  It was dark when I left the house, so I didn't really see the neighborhood or walk around it.  But something about the area felt good to me.  So I begin thinking, "wouldn't it be nice if I lived here."  And I kind of let it go.  But every now and then I would think about the area and think, "wouldn't it be nice."  3 years later I sold my house and purchased another house in a different area.  One day I was walking through another neighborhood that was very near my children's school.  It was a neighborhood that I considered to be upscale from my own.  As I was walking through I greeted a well dressed gentleman that was getting into his car.  As I walked through the neighborhood again I had the "wouldn't it be nice if I lived here thought."  (now this was a different neighborhood from the one that my friend lived in)  Well, 3 years later I met my second husband and decided to sell my house.  We were looking through the classifieds for a new place to live and the only listing that met all of our criteria happened to be in the neighborhood that I had walked through 3 years before.  So we went right over and applied to live there.  My fingers were crossed, because neither of us had the best credit.  Within days we were called and told we had the place!  We lived there for 7 years and one

Comment by Grace on July 28, 2010 at 11:23am
Thank you, Delicia. I'm quite excited about it as well. I've changed my practices a little as of late. More on that in my next post.
Comment by Delicia on July 28, 2010 at 10:58am
Wow! Awesome story! Thank you so much for sharing it. I need to read this again.
Blessed be!

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