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I haven't posted in 2018 yet. Where do I begin? This year has already been very busy and getting busier. So many new projects to work on and finally I am receiving new job offers. After scrambling around for at least an interview. I am now working full time. Life is really hilarious when you are wanting and waiting.

My goals for 2018:

1. I am a new college student obtaining my Master's Degree. Thank you!

2. I am working full time at Ultrabland. Thank you!

3. I am happily living in my new apartment with a lovely balcony.

4. I am fluent in Swedish.

5. I am a money magnet. Thank you!

6. I am on vacation at a Hawaiian resort in October.

7. I am exerting by pole dancing. Awesome.

8. I am done rewriting my featured script. Thank you!

9. Sign up for Masterclass videos

10. I am in an amazing relationship with my passionate Swedish boyfriend.

Finally, I have spoke with the Universe. Now time to kick back and watch everything unfold in the right manner. 

Peace- Stacey

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