The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I have agreed with a dear friend that I would mentally spend $30,000 every day for a week.  I would also write it down so I am using both sides of my brain.  OOPS!!! I did the mental spending, however, it was a few hundred dollars.  Last night, I set the intentions to CLEAR space for my meditation today.

I DID JUST THAT.  Today, I spent $30,000 and I FULLY allowed my mind to decide how.

I just finished a meditation and went right into this one.  I felt Universal Energy guided me with a quiet room and quiet mind.  I WAS ALREADY FEELING SO MUCH JOY FROM THE PREVIOUS MEDITATION SO THIS WAS EASY AND FUN!

The first though that came to me was to buy a pair of all natural clothing pants.  Maybe cabana, or hemp, or some other; just chose free flowing light clothing made from all natural resources.  Then I thought about a duffle bag, the kind used in the military or some backpack many people use while touring Europe.  It even has a name, backpacking across Europe.  Since I asked God to take all possessions out of my life that no longer served me, and it was done within 24 hours, I now am left with very little.  My intentions for now is to travel light and conveniently.

Then my mind went to blessing others, first was my daughter, receiving what I thought would be $5,000, NOPE, she received $8,000.  I AM SO HAPPY FOR HER TO ALLOW HERSELF TO RECEIVE EVEN MORE!  I have one friend that is performing at different festivals so I was guided to give him $10,000 so he could travel the US and bless people with his music.  Next came my life partner, my conscious mind would have given her $20,000, however being divinely guided she received $5,000.  That would be a great relief for her and a chance to breathe and relax, while watching the rest of the pieces fall into place with her new chapter in life.  I LOVE YOU SO GREEEEEEN!!!!!!  Next stop in my mind, my parents; I gave them $1,000 and told them this was just a small piece of what to expect from now on.  They both accepted and are now looking forward to even more exciting news!

At that time, my mind took a small turn and felt it was time to start using the phone and internet again.  So, the phone is turned back on and I now own a new macbook, unsure if it is an Air or Pro; however I believe my mind chose between the two.  I then thought of food and spent $1,000 on Herbalife products, becoming a wholesale customer that now has a three month supply and all future order will be 50% off.  I happily gave $2,000 to a couple that have shown me time and again, they listen to me, apply what I share with them into their life and receive quick results.  I KNOW THEY WILL TRAVEL AND SPREAD SO MUCH JOY!!!

Another turn in my mind, back to clothes.  It turns out I was not finished yet. haha.  With a pair of pants and something to carry them in, I chose to donate all my clothes, exluding socks and underwear, and buy natural material clothing, to include shoes.  All in all, I gave myself a $1,000 shopping spree, however, I probably only spent $400 or so.  From what is left, I would love to invite my beautiful partner to join me at a restaurant that is completely blacked-out.  They usher you to your seat, and you enjoy a wonderful meal, completely in the dark.  I believe the average plate is $100.  You are really investing in the experience more than the food.

I really thought there would be different names on this list, however, following Divine Guidance, this is what was given.  I AM SURE my next meditation will have a different list of names.  I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

So there you have it... I mentally spent $30,000 in an eight minute period and I FEEL GREAT!!!

Side note; I have another $30,000 to spend any way I choose, whether it be later today or tomorrow.


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