The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Since January the 6th, when I posted a video describing my dreaming job, i didn't do anything except sending resumes here and there, and whining :) Then I totally forgot this 100 days thing...

And yesterday, I met Lilou at a conference in Belgium. She reminds me the season I began here and i suddenly realized that my goal was actually achieved !!!

Indeed, on day 97, i was proposed a job meeting my criterias and matching 100% to my personality, my experiences and my skills ! I start after tomorrow ! 

I should say however that the criterias changed a little bit from the time of my video. In fact the video speaks about dreamjob, but for me dream isn't based on the moment now, what i want now, what i need now. So when I come/came to the present moment, these criterias slightly changed, became more real, like the job actually.

So co-creators , don't lose faith, it works !

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