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Open your heart to find the gifts of organization and order made available to you. In working with these sister gifts, you are able to center your thoughts and hold your attention on specific desired goals long enough to draw them into your life as manifest reality. Using these gifts allows you to rise out of the random chaos of reactive and unconscious victim hood and become an effective Master Creator in your human journey. Build your life as you command. By the power of organization and focus, you are able to refuse all distraction of mind and emotion that does not support and build your intention. 

You are able to easily steer clear of all that does not strengthen your goal and reinforce its expression. Call upon this gift to hold clear and focused intention for self and others. For self it is felt as creative power. For others it is experienced as leadership and guidance. All thought is destined to reflect in the human experience, for self and others, and those who have the gift of organization and focus create and attract the best and most desirable of reflections. Embrace these sister gifts that are lying in wait in your heart, and use them to move toward mastery in creating your life and leading others.~

The past month of my Season 14 and now transitioning to Season 15 has been eye opening. I have been able to invest in a new business (Scentsy) that now all I can think about is the possibilities that it can bring for me and my family. I'm glad I found something that I can work and I have amazing support. With Soul Purpose, I didn't have any support, but now that I know better I can work it better. I probably won't be doing Soul Purpose anymore, but will be working Youngevity as it has more to offer than Soul Purpose plus I can't sell another company that sells candles. I rather continue my business with Scentsy before Soul Purpose. As much as Soul Purpose has brought me great sales in the beginning. As the meetings and the training has progressed I realized that I was forcing something that wasn't meant to be. Forcing something that the Universe obviously doesn't want you to continue will only bring more heartache and headache. Lesson Learned. 

Still learning to deal with having another family live with us and by doing that I am openly expressing myself without getting out of my element. It's gotten to the point that I now must speak up and out and keep drilling it in not just others, but also myself that this is what I want. It's like an affirmation that I keep telling myself even though others can hear it. 

The Universe has helped me achieve some goals with amazing contracts for the blog with The Honest Company, Sam's Club, and The Blog WorkShop which all will be beneficial to those who need it. I learned its okay to say no to a contract even though I really need the money, but I'm holding on to my value and not the money value. 

Since I had accomplished my goal last year to be a work at home mom, I haven't had any idea of what my new obtainable goal that will require me to get out of my comfort zone. I need to get out of the house and build friendships with people not just companies so I am going to attend my first conference, parties, events. Thankful to have friends and family who are willing to support me in my dreams and help out with baby sitting so I can achieve these goals. The fact of walking into an unfamiliar place gives me the wrong feeling, but I know its just me and not the place or people. I need to suck it up and go for it if I want to build business relationships and even friendships that can last a lifetime. 

I'm starting Season 15 March 1st! Happy Manifesting Loves! 

xoxo Victoria

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Comment by Let there be Light on February 27, 2013 at 2:52pm

Wow! I'm happy to know someone who is on its 15 season! Congratulations! I was really happy with your post and wanted to say that the beginning looks a lot like a meditation! Thanks for that! I'll add you as a friend! Nice to meet you! :)


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