The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hello Co-creators!

I am thankful for this opportunity to begin Season 2 of co-creation. To share with all of you is a blessing. Thank you to any and all that read these posts and bear witness to my journey. 

For season 2 of this co-creating reality journey I have decided to set intentions on a monthly basis as inspired by astrological patterns. 

For February I intend to mindfully and slowly ( with patience) take actions to make improvements to my new home environment by clearing out anything that no longer serves me. 

This may include anything from clothes, furniture, to old cards or letters/mail. 

By clearing out my physical space I intend to sow the soil for new beginnings in my emotional and spiritual life and relationships. 

Dear co-creators, this will certainly be a challenge for me!

I have noticed that I tend to hang on to items, fearful of what it may "mean" if I let them go.

As if I let go of the item, I let go of the person and story that goes with that item forever. That somehow I will lose that experience from my life story. 

The truth is that I carry the whole continuum of my life within my heart. 

I know it does not serve me to live in the past, for it no longer exists. 

The present is the only reality that is accessible. 

I believe when I dwell in the past or future I dwell in realms where true change is not possible. 

As one of my favorite co-creators has said "When I let go of pain, I still keep the love. I can let pain go".

I deserve the best in life and so do all of you. 

Sending love and light for a beautiful way of life.


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Comment by Kevin on February 1, 2015 at 11:23pm

Ah, excited for your upcoming changes. Letting go of material things to open yourself up to what you want to manifest is so refreshing. Excited for you!

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