The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Look to videos to see a great video of Brian Tracy posted by Kelly about how to become a millionaire. One strategy is the Mindstorming method. First list 10 goals that you have for your life. Make it specific. Then pick the one that would most dramatically improve your life. My goal is to make 100K in 2014. Then write out 20 steps you could take to reach your goal. I'm gonna do this online. These are steps I can take:

1. secure new office in desirable location (in process)

2. work with like minded colleagues who are success driven and good at what they do (in process)

3. hire someone to work for me and take percentage of their earnings (this is the KEY step)

4. increase sources of income by joining more insurance panels (in process)

5. write to people I know at University informing them that I am looking to supervise and/or hire someone

6. once office is secured, send announcements to nearby schools and doctors offices, and all current and past clients

7. make list of addresses for above step

8. order new business cards

9. learn, learn, learn by going to one seminar per month

10. find mentor who can guide me on this goal of developing my business

11. hire billing service

12. request more income from low paying insurance companies or stop taking their clients

13. stay on course, never give up, see failure as feedback, and be an optimist

14. figure out how to describe my work in print and in person (hard one)

15. feel gratitude about my awesome career so far, I'm so lucky to be paid to do my work :)

16. schedule more new clients as they call

17. hire 1-2 babysitters so I can work after school hours and on snow/sick days

18. learn how to supervise trainees

19. read frequently (4-5X/wk) in my field, books are better than articles, work on developing areas of expertise

20. accept credit card payment

TAKE STEPS EVERY SINGLE DAY TO REACH YOUR GOAL. Failure is merely feedback. Have the courage to begin and to persist. Take your action steps daily and you will see results in weeks to months!

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Comment by Sunny Side Up on February 1, 2014 at 11:50am

Sophia look to Videos that were recently posted. It's there. It's worth the 45 minutes! This exercise is only a small piece. The power of the video is to change your attitude and get focused.

Comment by Sophia on February 1, 2014 at 5:21am

This is great! I'm going to do this as well. Where can I watch the video? It sounds fantastic, I am really ready for this.

And you have me a few good ideas. It looks great! Good luck to you!


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