The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I have manifested some really cool things just by being positive and allowing myself to let things happen. I have created my mission statement for my life and I am proud of that. Now I have something to measure my daily activities against and make sure they are lining up with the big picture. I am so in love with dance and performing that I am not letting another year slip by without diving in to it the best way I can. I intend to manifest great outlets for dance wether its a dance studio space, a great instructor or new video production knowledge I want to show my talents. I also want to create a page and maybe a website dedicated to my recordings and personal prayers and branch out to include praying for others and motivational and encouraging material. 

My job is amazing. So my physical goals are to be curvy,fit and strong and my job makes it so easy to do so. They have a 24 hour gym and it has everything I need including yoga and zumba classes.

my spiritual goals are to Trust God in all things, connect with Him daily and live the way He intends me to live and my job helps with that too as I have ample time to soak up the Word and prayer during my downtime

I am excited to see this growth!


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