The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Been practicing my abundance thought lately just to see what happens.  Not looking for anything specific, seeing abundance around me and attracting more of all that is good.

Things have been going well, despite what would normally be stressors and problems.  For example, my husband was shorted $400 on his last paycheck.  I knew that despite that, we would be ok.  Just have to do a little re-arranging with the bills.  Didn't sweat it at all.  And now little things just keep coming in. 

Yesterday was a day full of abundance.  It was pretty much a normal day, except I kept seeing change at my feet.  It made me smile each time and the thought instantly came to me that "Life is so abundant, I have money under my feet."  And each time I saw the money (pennies under my desk, a nickel on the playground when I picked up the kids, a dime in the parking lot at walmart) I left it there.  Well, actually I picked up the pennies under my desk and gave them to the kids for the United Way fund drive they are doing at school.  I didn't feel the need or lack to pick it up, just smiled and was appreciative that there was so much abundance there was money at my feet.  My friend was behind me at the store and when she saw the dime she instantly picked it up, saying, "I am going to need this later." 

My thoughts as I go over this in my head again turn toward her usual attitude of lack.  While I considered this money to be driftwood - a reminder that money is abundant, she looked at it as simply found money that she might need.  I know that in the past year she has often talked of lack and wishing she had _____ but knowing she never would.  She seldom has a positive attitude about anything and its pretty obvious she attracts more of what she gripes about.

I woke this morning and was thankful for my day and felt amazing.  And as I got out of bed I saw a penny on the floor.  I am so grateful for the abundance all around.  Looking back to things I wrote just one year ago, the difference is amazing.  Despair and frustration to abundance and joy.  (Can't read back for long, it hurts knowing how bad things were.)


Love and Light.  I am so thankful I found the 100 days program - after 2 seasons I learned a lot - thinking of starting season 3 in November - 1 year from when I started season 1.

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Comment by Jill on October 12, 2012 at 3:02pm

Oh must start now with the group. It just wouldn't be the same with out you.

We started yesterday on 10-11-12. Something Dave said on his FB page was beautiful. "10-11-12 a sign of everything being in order and as it should be"...something like that I think.

Isn't if fabulous to look back and realize how important it is to focus on NOW and not then. Now is never permanent is it. The NOW that represented the past is gone forever. Its all the New NOW's we should look forward to huh? The ones we create with powerful intentions. This is where we should spend our energy.

Spending our energy on the Now and not let the Now's of the past consume us.

How absolutely fabulous. Dang its good to see you Mar.

Hugs J

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