The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Last night, I had a choice between writing activities with Day 5 of 'Change your life in 7 days' or continue listening ot 'The power of now' (mindlessly). Hmmm. . . I'm lazy, so I choose mindless listening as I hate writing goals.

As mentioned in an earlier entry, I had a difficult time concentration, so I changed my listening strategy and decide to listen mindlessly, without thinking. I let Mr. Tolles' words wash over me as I concentrate on breathing and didn't analyze (too much) on what he was saying. I completed chapter 6 (4 hours).

This morning while driving to work, I concentrated on my breathing and being in the 'Now.' I get the tingly sensation at the lower back of my head which usually happens when I'm scared or when I'm 'getting it on' with DH, but without the faster heartbeats or sweatiness. It was strange to have this sensation while calmly driving to work and not thinking about anything.

I want to thank everyone who left a comment on my last entry. I want to finish this audio book and will look into 'A New Earth' when I get a chance.

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