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Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!!!!!

These past couple of weeks have been rough ones. One Word: FINALS. Add that to the stress of being an actress, having scenes to memorize and learn. Ugh. It seems this semester that the professors I have are really cocky, arrogant, and nasty. Oh well, I believe in karma. lol. My absentee dad called me out of the blue saying he got a new car and that he wanted to take me out to practice driving fo my license. So when I call him back to go, he makes up a bunch of lame excuses, as always. Man, why would he offer? Does he get some sort of kick out of disappointing me? Did I forget to mention that my mom's car engine went out? That means no car right now in this cold winter weather.I wonder how I'm gonna get my christmas shopping done??? Any way my mom has been really optimistic about things, which is keeping me optimistic and sane. She's my biggest supporter on this earth right now. Very encouraging. I do believe things will get better, I know I'm gonna do great on my monologue and scene. My grades will be great and once this semester's over ITS PARTY TIME! CELEBRATION TIME! RELAXATION TIME! I'm gonna relax, have fun, celebrate, enjoy myself, go out, and have fun this holiday season. I know great things are in store for me and I'm gonna grab them. Blessing are in store for my family and myself. This is the most wonderful time of the year after all, so I decided I'm going to thoroughly enjoy it. Peace & Blessing to All!

P.S. I decided to add a little manifestation christmas list

Love in its Many forms

Mac Book



Gift Cards to various stores

To go out and have fun

Blessing and Joy and Peace to All

My Driver's License

Money Flowing Easily To My Families Income

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