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As the days progress these past few weeks, I’ve really been at a loss at what to do … its been one of the most FRUSTRATING moments. These moments create room for those “old limiting beliefs” to come to mind – which you know what happens when this happens!! Guilt – Doubt – Fear are what appears in my mind — which begin to annoy me – which then creates a freeze in action!!

URGH — this is what has been going on in my mind the whole month of April – a little bit of a POWER PLAY – which I suppose happens to all people who are conscious thinkers. Its been really wonderful to be meeting more and more people who are taking the risks to think a little differently.

Think differently leads to acting differently and today I had a realization about FEELING DIFFERENT!!! As many of the awesome teachers share – its all about FEELING the Vibration of your body in relation to the universe. This is how we manifest.

Manifest more understanding of what I might have heard many times however, spiritual understanding comes when you are ready to understand it. This is where the TRUST in your spiritual process :)

Perhaps a part of the “human process” is to know that “old limiting beliefs” might always be present in our consciousness especially if you allow them to FEEL “guilt doubt fear” … however when those thoughts come into consciousness, ACKNOWLEDGE and be fully aware of their power and find a way to FEEL good about anything – this good feeling thought will give you the strength to resist feeling the “old limiting beliefs”.

As I look at the photos I took in April – there were lots of mountains and open highways — it was perfect opportunity for me to have the time to “think” about what I want to feel. Passion – passion for life, for my project, for my community, for the planet.

Seeing the beauty of our planet in all grandeur reminds me to ALLOW Magic of the Physical world — and LIVE in Love. It always goes back to LOVE … and loving myself is the most important thing, why?! Cuz everything is an aspect of the Divine Source Energy/God — which means myself. When I see others with eyes of LOVE – its much easier to see myself with Love. When I Feel the LOVE — those “old limiting beliefs” just don’t have any power to affect my feelings!! YEAH!!!

There are so many resources/ways to find the “good feelings” — I sometimes write (as I’m doing right now!!) something like this:

( I’m sorry I feel this way, there is nothing to feel guilty about. I am worthy. Life is so much better when I feel good about myself. I forgive myself for not always knowing what to do – I know enough. I am safe. — or something like that!!!)

Write your own personal statement – it feels good when you do … and perhaps watching this video might inspire you :)


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