The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Busy day good stuff got new sewing machine to relaunch my workshops & my new etsy shop I am working on as today & husband is treating me to a fairy dress for my children's parties.

Felt a little emotional on the outer edge this morning but reminded my self full responsibility!plus it was  to do with this healing I got last night, plus the work I am doing.

When I worry what people think I forget to transcend there help or fear with love, as it is only one point of view without love and

I have sometimes not listened to good advice as thought it was the only option and now trusting it is one step of love and each step takes it to another level if I work with love which is ever expending.

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Comment by Lizzy Mason on May 10, 2013 at 4:57pm

So today was good to fair and had to push through my fear and took a risk in the dress on tight budget but not as if I follow the knowings.

Like just now with the  knowing I spent my money on a dress well with help of Harry, then came full responsibility to remake it back so we have more flow, with my new craft site on esty.

So have placed my newly made birds on sticks & fabric scraps & felt on the self outside the bedroom door to sell them on shop tomorrow.  They are looking good and looking at me, asked for help when I felt really low about spending then it came to do this and it is passing as I Wright this.

I let go of fear and allow my heart to help my self and allow the household budget to improve and so much more, I am vulnerable but the challenge of this space is helping me to be honest in each days best steps I can do one day at a time, thank you Harry (Husband)

As I sleep tonight I will be showered with love as I am always, I learn to remember this each day. Will post more about crafts soon.

All is well, I am love, I am safe, we are safe, we are love, all is well xxx

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