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my 1million subscribers starts with you

Since one of my goals is to attract 1million youtube subscribers i thought that I should post a blog of my channel so you guyscan view it and help me reach my goal... i'm in the process of creating new stuff..

The reason I would like 1 million subscribers is because I would like to be a television presenter and host a show, I hope that with the success of my channel i will have somewhere to start from... I cannot say how truly grateful I am to be on this space and manifest my dreams...

So for those of you who are willing to help me get there (THANK YOU!!) please subscribe and tell at least 3 other people to subscribe too, I promise there will be new stuff to come...

I have to be honest though, right now my laptop is "misbehaving" (as most do.. i guess) and so I'm waiting on it so i can edit more stuff....


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