The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I feel like today was a day of Total Abundance!

It's my 2 year wedding anniversary to the man I call my "piece to my puzzle" .... well, we technically haven't had our wedding yet because our gorgeous little girl came along soon after we signed the paperwork at the registry office and now another is on the way in about 3 weeks, so the big day keeps getting put off .... and even though I still dream of that perfect day, I feel lucky to just have my husband as my life partner.

But ... it wasn't just that .... it's a number of things that just make me feel like the Universe is aligning up for me.

I received an email from a woman and her hubby half way around the world saying they had watched my "Hypnobirthing" videos that I posted on YouTube and my blog: ..... And that was ssssssoooooo rewarding because I feel it is my purpose in life to help educate women about this amazing technique for childbirth. I feel so grateful that I have helped someone in their journey towards an amazing labor.

That blog is part of a HUGE dream - and at the time I started it, I was thinking "How or Where do I even start?" .... but then I just started doing a few videos and blog postings and now I feel the rumbles starting as the snowball effect is starting to roll. just know I can and am making a difference to peoples' lives.

I also spent the afternoon Christmas shopping with my amazing relatives who are visiting from Brazil .... I love and appreciate their company so much.

Plus ... I got home and a package had arrived in the mail - woohoo! ..... My friend had hand-made me a set of "Abundance& Prosperity Meditation Beads" ..... she had picked out the stones and specifically crafted it for me. It's just PERFECT and includes Rose Quartz, which I am strangely always attracted to .... or it's attracted to me!

Anyway ... a romantic dinner for 2 (and a half) topped off my amazing day! - I LOVE MY LIFE!

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