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Today is my Birthday and normally I go out with friends and eat too much, sometimes drink too much coffee or whatever, eat too much desserts at the buffet table and then not get home until late which tuckers me out the whole next day.


Not doing that this year!  I love being with friends but when we are out its like a free for all to be naughty and living all of our vices and they always end up saying "stay a little bit longer with us" and it ends up being hours right before daylight when I get home. Then I am always (always) feeling tired and hung over the next day.

This year I am staying home cooking one of my favorite dishes and spending the entire night alone.

Liver and onions with mushroom soup. I could have chosen anything really but I was right there in the frozen case and saw it and knew I haven't had it in years because of the high fat content so I put it in the cart. My family doesn't like it very much so I am roasting a chicken for them while I eat my special dish all by myself. yum!

I didn't want a birthday cake this year either because they always get me a large sheet cake and really, I am feeling better losing the hyperthyroid weight, so I need to be careful at this point about making even more smart choices. A love affair with butter cream always ends badly for me and I don't want that this year either. It's not worth the extra ten pounds.

First thing this morning I hopped on facebook and there too I was bombarded with invitations out tonight but I just don't want to go anywhere or do anything. I have final editing of the book to finish this week and I am already behind schedule. It was supposed to be out on valentine's day but I found more margin errors. booo.

I just want some rest. I am turning my phone and computer off and watching movies until I fall asleep tonight.


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Comment by Sunny Side Up on February 18, 2013 at 7:10pm

Happy birthday! You are perfect!

Comment by Connie on February 18, 2013 at 4:59pm

Happy Birthday! It's great that you're taking good care of yourself. I wish you prosperity, love and well being!

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