The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Ok I have been focusing on abundance and what I have been attracting has been wonderfnl. So I told you how I got blessed with almost 1000 paid for my car repairs and free dinner that day since then I have attracted good grades 100% on 3 assignments. Unexpected money 3 different times and just last night I wrote down multiple things I wanted like groceries for all the recipes I wrote dowm, decorations and dishes for my new place ext and an ld friend stopped by and told me she was moving and I can have all her decorations and she told me about a place that will give 100 grocery vouchers for people that just moved in to their homes in the area. I am so gratefull!!!! I know there's lots thats not coming to mind but man everyday there has been money will be another great day yaayyy!! God is great:)

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Comment by Chrystyna on March 23, 2015 at 4:50pm

Sounds like you have a lot of magic in your life!!

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