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Dear all,

It's a great pleasure for me to tell you that my videos are now on-line on you tube and daily motion. From now on, you will discover a new video every month.

Six months ago, I was watching a video from Wanye Dyer. He was saying that when he was 19, he had heard about a story of a man who had hated everybody during all his life, and who, at the very last minute of his life, had suddenly become aware of a doubt, a question: «And if I had been wrong all my life?»: And then died. The young Wayne was very shocked by this dramatic story and he decided this would never happen to him. So he wrote a letter to himself: «Dear Wayne, don't die with your music still inside of you.»

This phrase from Wayne Dyer had a very big impact on my heart because it contained exactly the words that reflect my feelings of the past ten years. Indeed, I have learnt so much, searching, finding, analysing, dissecting, and structuring realities. I've discovered so many relations between causes and consequences, between emotional blockages and the alterations of physical and psychological health. I have also created some new concepts. So, during all these years, I always had the sensation that I could not die and carry all this to my grave, without having shared my findings with you. Yet, I had already written two books and given conferences and workshops with great pleasure. But this didn’t reach so many people.

I don't really know how this phrase from Wayne triggered this sudden idea within me, I mean, the awareness that I could record videos about these different subjects. First, I rejected this idea because technology stresses me. But, because I am ambitious (in a positive way!), I rapidly changed my mind and decided to challenge myself and go for it! I looked for help and found two collaborators I thank so much. So here they are, these two first videos of many still to come. They are ready to leave for a long journey, each of them in their own way. One is in french, the other in english.

Future videos will speak about psychosomatic medicine, emotions, emotional blockages, different kinds of violence, relationships, but also about neurones, neurotransmitters, hormones and so many other topics. These are the fruit of more than twenty-five years of experiences and researchs. If you're interested in my professional path, you'll find a video on my website:

I would like to ask for your collaboration to help spread these informations. It takes just a second to click on «transfer» and send it to your e-mail contacts. May be one of these videos will be the answer to one of their questions.

I hope you will find the contents of these videos interesting and useful.

Best regards to you, Cornelia Gauthier

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