The 100 Day Reality Challenge

My ideal job:

I will be crafting and creating in many ways with many mediums, programs and colors.

I will be traveling and interacting with indigenous and local spiritual people all over the world. There will be a lot of change and new things and stages, all of the time. The total OPPOSITE of repetition, colorlessness and boredom.

I'll have the freedom to choose my own “hours”. I will not have to keep track of time in numbers, instead, I'll live in the moment and go with the flow and take time to myself whenever I need to for however long I have to. I'll be able to act on my instincts and feelings in every moment without ties and/or commitments, other than the ones I want to make.

I will be evolving my consciousness, awareness and I'll be healing my body, mind and soul while I do my job(healing = aligning myself with my Spirit/with God). I will be helping others to do the same. I will be co-creating with like-minded and grounded people. I will be helping the earth, humanity and the environment. I will be promoting the valuing of creativity and the individual. I will be helping children. I will be interacting with dolphins. I will be working with cob and natural building material. Meditation, bodywork, conscious breathing, yoga and hiking will be part of my job. I will be working with my heart, body and especially my hands. I will inspire and be inspired by many. I will create a new, healthier, happier, sustainable, colorful, spiritual, beautiful, artistic, creative, fun and thriving new reality. I will work in and with nature. I will jump out of bed every morning, singing and being excited and happy to start a brand new day. A day filled with open doors and potential. I will have tons of fun being productive. I will find satisfaction and joy in what I'm doing, all of the time. I will want to do it 24/7! No vacation needed:) I want to meet lots of new people and make great friends and develop partnerships, workshops and organizations. It will be grounded, humane, NATURAL and informal. I will heal (myself and others). My job will make it easy to freely give, unconditionally. It will bring to me what I need and want, whenever and wherever I need and want it(in more ways than just money can). I will have fun with yummy healthy food. I will be laughing and making others laugh a lot. I will always have a perfect working environment. It may change constantly or stay constant, wherever, whenever and however it needs to be. I'll have an art studio and a winter-garden and a beautiful cob house and tickets to all the places I want to go and things I want to see, learn and participate in. I will have plenty of time for my family and to raise my children when I have them. I will always feel inspired and things will flow naturally without blockages, freely, simultaneously through and with me. I will have the time to sleep as long as I need and want to. I will be flexible and free. I will work to live AND live to work. The word “work” will have a wonderful feeling that goes with it. There will be NO PAPERWORK(unless its fun, simple, inspiring and covered in paint:). I will see most of my results quickly. I will have safety and security and a steady flow of success. It will be easy to do and easy to trust. Simple and smooth. It will be my passion, my bliss, my highest excitement, my true match, my calling, my purpose, my fulfillment. 120%!!!!!!! IT IS ME.

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