The 100 Day Reality Challenge

My intentions for the week ahead and 2 manifestations from the weekend!!! (S1, D 10)

This week it is my intention to:

Be positive, productive, enthusiastic, relaxed, confident, happy and at ease at work
Look for and acknowledge the positive aspects everyday of what surrounds me
Focus my attention on what i want and take it off what i do not want
Express gratitude for my beautiful life by listing 10 things at the end of each day that I am grateful for
Continue gaining more clarity and insight on my dream career
Attract a fantastic apartment to view and apply for that me and my housemate love
Go to the gym twice this week
Spend at least 10 minutes meditating each day
Spend time each day deliberately visualising my dream life and feeling good about it coming
Have a week filled with connection, laughter, joy, peace, trust, happiness, ease, faith, love, positive energy and a general feeling of alignment with source
Feel healthy, energised, light, clear headed and relaxed in my body

Thank you. It is going to be a great week!!!

Also, here are a 2 MANIFESTATIONS stories I want to share...

1. I went out apartment hunting on the weekend. We decided to try a new area of Melbourne, and the area we visited this time is one of the wealthiest suburbs in Melbourne. Well, we saw 2 great apartments which we loved that were in our price range and in a great location!!! Also, I felt such a strong pull while walking around this suburb. It felt abundant and beautiful and I loved how I felt there. It is definitely where I want to live and I loved how the feeling of prosperity filled me while I was there. it felt sooo right!!!!!!
2. I had lunch with a friend today who I hadnt seen in months. She runs her own organic health food company and I felt really drawn to chat with her to gain some clarity on starting my own company. I felt so inspired while I was with her. She gave me some great advice and really pushed me to get clear on what I wanted. She gave me a box of organic vegies for FREE and also paid for my lunch at a beautiful organic cafe. What a sweetheart. I am so grateful for her amazing friendship, and she is helping me experience the feeling of abundance even more!!!! She also invited me along to several of her upcoming health events, and said I could join her womens community that she was setting up too!!!! She also gave me the idea of applying for a job at an awesome company which has a strong focus on yoga, health, success, personal development and fitness. WOW!!! It am so so so happy to be back in contact with her. Plus, in september she is planning on moving to the same suburb that I am!!! The beautiful girl definitely has a large role to play in my life. I can tell. I am so grateful for her presence in my life!!!

Have a great week everyone xxxxxx

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