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My latest LOA dream, It's not ABOUT age & weird but cool thoughts on vibration

My latest LOA dream:

Last night I had a dream, which I remember but THIS is the part I want to share with you:

In the dream, several times I said to myself, "There is no lack. Think abundance."

It's not about age:

In the park today I thought "It's not ABOUT age, (how old you are) it's about VIBRATION."

Louise Hay says in her book "I can do it"
"Never make the mistake of thinking you're too old for anything. My own life
didn't begin to have meaning until I was in my mid-40s, when I started
teaching. At age 50, I started my publishing company on a very small
scale. At age 55, I ventured into the world of computers, taking
classes and overcoming my fear of them. At 60, I started my first
garden and have become an avid organic gardener who grows her own
food. At 70, I enrolled in a children's art 75, I graduated
to an adult art class and have started to sell my paintings. My
current art teacher wants me to get involved with sculpture next. And
recently, I took up yoga, and my body is making positive changes. A
few months ago, I decided to stretch myself in areas that scared me and
I'm fulfilling my childhood dream of learning to dance. I love to
learn things I haven't experienced. Who knows what I'll do in the

Here's a weird thought (but kinda cool) on vibration:
Maybe we live in quite a low vibration world or at least a dense vibrational
world - wonderful though it is, this physical earth. When we raise our
vibration enough, it's like we tap into a higher vibrational world, a
spiritual plane if you will, a world of manifestation.

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