The 100 Day Reality Challenge

My manifestations recent accumulation of insight

Tonight I want to be mindful of all my manifestations recently: This house, with its beautiful painted walls, big windows, washer and dryer, downstream with my money goals, perfect for my dog, dancing, tango, closeness, harmony, love joy, sports, exercise yoga routine with meditation inside, soccer experience, this thinning amazing body that is so healthy and strong, and loves to express through movement and sweaty exercise, not to mention the past amazing manifestations, living here by the beach, having this job, this dog, this life, having and obtain so much of what I had always wanted, these friends in decent proximity, feeling home to some extent, all the amazing creation have come forth as I have allowed, as I learn to allow more and more, relax and let go, allowing the universe to lead, and completely surrender to the universes lead, I will continue to call more and more beautiful desires in to my life, I learn to see myself for who I truly am and reconnected with parts of me that create a whole peace feeling that feels good,. I hold on to that feeling and dance through each moment allowing it to lead me, and guide me, I reconnect to that guidance and movement moment by moment, and I remember the poise that is who I truly am, I reconnect with a beauty and grace that was lost and now found, and I have been found the whole of me. I remember things I have long forgotten. I feel as if all of the past events where just books I read, on experiences that could stretch your sense of self, learning experiences of some child that really saw the world at a young age, and now that stack of books are read, and can be summed up in one joke, or in one summary and now since you learned all that, we will move to the next chapter, letting everything go that u just experienced, which basically means, leave it and focus attention on the opening that allows love in, the opening that divine guidance, quietness, stillness inside that can be followed as guidance..this is the turn in the road….the past is released completely…it isn’t even mentioned unless this cant not be avoided as it is obsolete, all that is noticed and seen is levels of love, and increasing levels of love, trust and surrender..Backed up by lots of prayer, and gratitude..Gratitude for knowing love in the heart number one, for knowing to quit the struggle, and knowing that I have now entered a new chapter, one that can be identified the new chapter that can recognize love as the leader, known in the heart and in the mind..even if we are so close to the front line we can’t sense the love, we know how it works, the outcome is always love, so experience the love now, first before anything else, never lose the point of connection for more than a second, always go right back to following, leading too much can lead to losing the self I think.

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Comment by Shaman Kanowa on February 20, 2012 at 10:49pm

Geeze you are awesome thanks for all the comments and using the picture from my blog! All my recent connections recently have been taking me into the higher realms. You have such an overflowing amount of gratitude for your life, I can learn from this!

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