The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Today I have decided to write my obituary for the woman I was and for all the things that no longer work in my life. So this is saying good by to all the things and thanking my old self and embracing my new self.


We are remembering this wonder woman Laurie. Who was a young girl that took on mother hood and marriage. And than saw her world shatter. She lost herself and her child and her husband. She survived barely and until today has been only living partially. So we are thanking that broken heart and broken soul. We thank her tanisity and her frankness and her grit and her lack of trust. We thank her for standing tall for all those around her. Standing strong when others fell apart. For not trusting herself or others. We are putting to rest the woman who could not let all that go, The woman that blamed herself for all her pain as well as the rest of the world. Rest in peace my love. Thank you and farewell.

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