The 100 Day Reality Challenge

My Rebirth, Day I Season I Social Responsibilty

I am here to demonstrate that a new way of doing business IS being done, I am "successfully demonstrating that one person with initiative and the courage to try out a new idea, along with a determination to seek out and connect with other changemakers, can advance changes that improve lives and unleash the potential of others." [Thanks David - I had to copy that!]

I AM a ChangeMaker. I AM a History Maker. This has been burning in my soul for far too long and it consumes me in a wonderful way, like a full-body orgasm and I have no choice but it ride out its fantastic waves:)

Today is day one of the accounatability thru the 100 day Challenge.

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Comment by Blossoming Beauty on November 7, 2010 at 5:58pm
Welcome to the new you! Be filled with much love, laughter, joy and self discovery. LOVING the vibe from what you wrote Ms ChangeMaker!!! Ms HistoryMaker! BE what you were created to BE ~ in true bliss!!!
CONGRATS on the first step.

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