The 100 Day Reality Challenge

It's been almost a couple of months since my last season ended, soand I figure it's time for a new season! During the time off in between seasons, I moved to a new home and finished classes for the semester, started a summer program, and have been unpacking and getting my home in order. Although there's still a while to go before everything is all settled, it's time to start a new season.

My season 6 will start tomorrow: 6/12/10 - 9/20/10

One a side note, I will be seeing Deepak Chopra speak tomorrow at my nutrition program! I'm pretty excited and am looking forward to it.

These intentions are from Season 5, but they still hold for Season 6. I am continuing to work on all of these areas that require a
longer term commitment to fully accomplish.
1. Clean and Organized Home: I am living in a clean, simplified home where everything is organized and only the things I use and love are
kept inside the home. All excess is sold, donated, or given away to
those who will use the things more. I have created more space inside my
home to enjoy everything it offers.

2. Healthy and Vibrant Body: I am eating fresh organic foods and cooking
delicious meals while exercising regularly, doing yoga and loving my
new body. I am healthy and vibrant and have lots of energy to work,
play, and enjoy life.

3. Loving Relationships: I have wonderful connected relationships with
all of my family members and friends, including new friends that I enjoy
spending time with. My relationship with my husband continues to grow
into a deep loving relationship.

4. Healthy Finances: I have cleaned up my finances and have found ways
to bring in sustainable income to support my life doing what I love. I
enjoy finding ways to invest money wisely, find creative ways to bring
in cash flow, and find ways to save more money. I am on my way towards
building a solid financially free future. I am financially supported in everything I do and am provided with everything I need and want.

5. Living My Passion: I am living my dream life. It is a life doing what I love while getting paid for what I love to do. The universe supports
me in my life to achieve all of my goals quickly and easily. I have a
career that has already launched before I have completed my fashion
design education that energizes me daily.

6. Growing Spiritually: I am constantly and ever-evolving into becoming
all that I am, one with all and connected to all humanity, all that is,
and all the aspects of myself. Namaste.

A few other goals I have for this season are:
- Plant and eat from my organic vegetable garden
- Learn to cook at least 20 new delicious healthy recipes
- Alter all of my clothes that are in need of alterations
- Write my book
- Create a business plan
- Organize all of my photos
- Finish everything on my to do list from last year and beyond

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Comment by Love Life on June 13, 2010 at 12:38pm
I love the way how you wrote all your goals, it's so neat!!
My book still isn't finished, perhaps we can give each other some encourgagemnt?

All the best in your new season with lots of peace & love :)
Comment by Christine on June 12, 2010 at 10:34pm
Yes, that one about the book has been in my intentions for 2 years! I need to do it this summer. Thanks for the nudge. :)
Comment by Poetry Girl aka mytruestory85 on June 11, 2010 at 4:37pm
write a book, sounds exciting go for it. All intentions are great but I love the one wtih the book :D

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