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My September and October and beyond (And PHOTOS as promised)!

Where did September and October go? It just seemed to fly by, not like a butterfly but like a phoenix rising from the ashes and bursting into flames! So beautiful:)

Dial M for Murder was a huge success. It was more then I could have imagined. I'm in total amazement that my vision was created on stage. Dial M for Murder has been done thousands upon thousands of times, but it will never be done again the way I did it. And that gives me much satisfaction. And what a responsibility it was! But it was a beautiful one. We laughed, We stressed, We cried (not me but others in the cast), We hugged. I mean it was better then Cats, I'd go see it again and again. And actually I did see it over and over again (minus one night when I had a television opportunity out east/NY). OH, and next year, I bring you Dracula!!

A Victorian Haunting Experience was so much fun this year. I dressed up as a Vampire Queen. The highlight of the two nights for me were the Tea Leaf Readings. I'd done this while in college but that was awhile ago. I would never call myself a psychic, however, I can read oracles and signs. And I am very good at reading signs and symbols (such as animal totems, colors, dreams etc...) Everyone seemed to enjoy this portion of the night and I was quite pleased with it myself. I want to thank everyone who came to the event, supported the event and sponsored the event. I am looking forward to the Third Annual A Victorian Haunting Experience! Also keep an eye out for me doing a spin off of this event (ie news coming soon).

Parawomen Scream TV... G'night Gnome Productions and the League of Extraordinary Paranormal Women will be working with Afraid.TV and LiveParanormal to bring you Parawomen Scream TV!! Tuesday nights 9pm ET. Visit us at If you are interested in being on the show please email me at

Parawomen Scream Radio, I was away from the show for a full month! It felt so weird and it was the longest I was away from the show. Last week I made my grand debut and we had the highest listenership and chat room attendance in months. It was a great welcome back! Parawomen Scream Radio will be moving to Jackalope 105 FM soon. We will be on the same night different time. We will be airing 7:30pm ET until 9pm ET (internet and terrestrial). We will still be on Blogtalk Radio, just in archives. Also, we have been invited back to the Second Annual Canadian American Paracon. We are sponsors this year and we will be broadcasting LIVE on Parawomen Scream TV!!!

Amyween is upon me. Ian is throwing me a birthday party this year:) I haven't had a birthday party since... Well I guess since I was around the age where I had slumber parties for my birthdays. I wonder if I can get anyone to play Light as a Feather, Stiff as a board?! Probably not. Anyway, I am excited:) My astrology chart tells me November is going to be a very good month for this Scorpio!!

Mucho love to all of you! Visit me on Twitter and on Facebook...

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Comment by Amy on November 6, 2009 at 12:46pm
October DOES bring goodness:) Parawomen rocks!
Comment by Seisrush Ob on November 6, 2009 at 1:13am
Octobers are always filled with goodness! And YEAH for parawomen!


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