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My session with the "Angel Lady" Sue Storm was just amazing - I share with you cocreators

I have just had my session with the amazing woman Sue Storm and I feel like I'm rock and roll, and I definitely will share with you co-creators!

First thing in the morning I took a card from the Fairies Messages - A Deck from Doreen virtue - and I receive the message: "Spiritual teacher" and it said it is time for me to start a part time job in this area :) I just laugh of excitement because is like Universe saying, you go!! I definitely think I'm doing GREAT! I'm on my way, I'm with the flow.


After this, I had my session with Sue, I was excited waiting to receive guidance. We talk about remedies that I will be applying with joy each day related to money, prosperity, career, doubts. While she was explaining to  me what to do, I felt that my vibration was higher, you know.. that good feeling while visualizing the remedies to do.  I listened carefully, took down and we spoke about my intention to add Angels in my practice, in this way of remedies.  She supported me and allowed me to use them in my practice !! Which is really AWESOME!   If you co-creators could read one of her books would find out we are talking about practical, short, effective ways to contacting Angels to improve life!  What a wonderful gift from Universe!


During the session I found out my angels name: Archangel Gabriel - who guess.. is in my room actually LOL- Bettina, Sara and Kathrina.  I'm working with them right now! So it is nice to have their names to ask them guidance during my journey.


Sue is just a nice and humble woman, she talks to you like she really know you, she knows your feelings and she can see when Angels are around you. I have some, and she was telling me they were playing like little kids because they were excited to know that I'm going to include them in my business and life! Such cute thing! :)  At the beginning I thought it would be difficult to reach Sue, and that  a session would be very expensive! But my surprise is she is really accessible in all senses.


This is my journey so far! I'm happy and I'm willing to do and apply what Sue taught me today


Life is Good!,

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