The 100 Day Reality Challenge

my trip to San Francisco this summer: searching for a nice place to stay

Hi everyone,

I'm a french cocreator and coming on the english site of Lilou is a challenge for me.

First, because I have to practice my english more and secondly, because I need to ask you something. It's not always easy to ask for help.

2 days ago, I dreamt about a way to find a home when I'm going to come in San Francisco this summer. And it was telling me to subscribe on this website in order to meet american cocreators, and to ask them for a room, directly. 

I am learning a kind of dance therapy with Anna Halprin, a great 98 years old woman (It's called Life Art Process).

The 1st year occured in France in many places but the 2nd takes place near SF, in Kentfield, in the Marin Country. 

I am used to welcome people in my house when needed and I like this way of meeting people and helping them. 

I have though about couchsurfing but I'm not sure of the people I can meet.

For me, it's more safe to be in touch with people who are on a spiritual path and in the 100 day challenge.

Ok, maybe you will find my request a little weird or not... I have decided to follow the voice in my dream, new for me but also funny. Do it, and after, you will see...

If you want to know more about me, you can ask. And if you're ok to propose me an exchange, we can tchat. Can we?

Thank you for reading me and maybe it's the start for a beautiful meeting... So, nice to meet you. Bye.


PS:Just to present myself a little more: I'm a smily 36 years old woman. I don't smoke nor take any drugs (sometimes alcool but I don't like it so much), I don't eat any meat. I love animals, children, people. I practice music, singing, painting, danse, meditation, energetic healing. And I have a son and a boyfriend. I don't come to the US to create a love story.

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