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I did not start the challange with the intention of doing a blog. Though as I read through blogs others have done, riddled with questions, answers, insights, roadblocks etc. I realized how helpful this tool could be for me. Immediately the little internal voice( yes the voice that keeps you in fear of living to your full potential, subconsiously sneeking by unnoticed ) chimed in to tell me I have nothing to say. It began to reaffirm all my fears about people finding out who I am...what will people think...what if I sound stupid...what if I don't have anything interesting to add...can't, what if, what if, what if. But instead of of contracting me to a subserviant state... I noticed it. I looked at it for what it is. It is an unhealthy feeling habit that can be turned around. It is amazing what the mind can trick us into believing about ourselves and how it directs our lives in the most limiting way. This is a time of becoming aware. Aware of who we truly are...limitless love. The heart directs us in magical ways. Although the mind does have it's own great purpose it cannot, in all it's logic and conditioning, connect us to our divine potential like our hearts. I am grateful I was able to see my own self-sabatoge. Its a lesson of allowing and not allowing. I will allow myself to be empowered, and not allow myself to succumb to outdated thinking habits. EMPOWERMENT what a great feeling :)

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Comment by Milko Vidaurre on June 30, 2011 at 10:33am
Love this post Elizabeth...I can relate to it 100 % don't know how my blogs are/were received but I feel great when I post them...thank you fro sharing this!! :))


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