The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I am one with the Universal Mind. I know this mind is perfect, and I may call upon it for guidance in all of my affairs.

I powerfully co-create all of my experiences.

I give and receive love freely, from an open heart.

All good things are surrounding me, always.

I am loved, supported and nourished by the wonderful people in my life.


I am attracting new people and experiences that teach me everything I need to know, in perfect divine time.

I am beautiful, stylish, entertaining, fun to be around, unique, and everyone around me appreciates my best qualities.

I am receiving a new relationship that is full of magic, romance, respect, possibility, balance, commitment and HUGE LOVE!

I am open to receiving the perfect job, all the money I need, and new opportunities to travel the world.

RIGHT NOW everything is perfect!!!!!!! I am happy, peaceful, in touch with my true self, and radiating JOY to everyone around me!!!!!!

Go out there and LIVE it, co-creators.... Wishing you a wonderful day -- and I do mean a DAY filled with WONDER!!!!!

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