The 100 Day Reality Challenge

It is a beautiful Autumn this year in Poland. Today’s date mark also first year since I came back to my homeland, so it is a great time to start the second season of co-creating my reality.

I have to admit, that I wasn’t particularly consistent with my practices during the first season. This refers especially to my blog and meditation. It went far better with my gratitude journaling though and I am very happy for that.

Despite that I have achieved my goal! I’ve met great people. Interesting, supportive, inspirational people who became my friends. I have also rekindled connections with some of my old friends. And I’ve met strangers, who I may never see again, but who were very good to me. I am really grateful for all of them.

Those relationships will surely deepen and get stronger. We will have fun together, embark on new, exciting projects and have many deep conversations. And I want to continue meeting people with whom I get on well, who are inspirational, considerate, open-minded and with positive attitude.

Success in co-creating my life when it comes to friends and people who are around me, encouraged me to set a very powerful request about my career and finances. I declare, that I want to work in one of the specialized agencies of United Nations. Traveling on regular basis to UN headquarters and other locations, but living in the best place of my city (Katowice) which I will afford, like other beautiful things in life (holidays, concerts, events, clothes, food, meetings, cinema and theatre outings, courses, gifts, donations), because I will have very good salary.

It is a truly exciting perspective and I can’t wait to see what Universe will unfold for me. So here I star my dream life path!

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