The 100 Day Reality Challenge

When we hear 'new' so many also hear the flitter flutter of their heart as it skips a few beats. New means change and new means letting go of the past and wow can that be scary. Or exhilarating.

Every New Years Eve I take the time to set new goals, complete a Vision Board and look at the action steps it will take to complete the vision of what I want for the next year. It surprises me sometimes how much gets accomplished when the vision is put forth in the Universe. I mean, you can pick up a bowling ball, but in order to work on your game, you have to roll it down the lane, right? The same with your dreams. Sure, you might roll a gutter here and there, but with practice and perseverance, before you know it you will start hitting some pins down. The rejection sometimes makes people put their bowling ball (dreams) back on the shelf and walk away. But really, if you do that, then don't complain that what you want isn't happening.

I can't tell you how many rejections I have received for my latest manuscript. To be honest, I decided to stop counting because it was depressing. Instead, the faith that it will happen at the right time, with the right agent was a much better way to channel my goal.

So, what are you holding on from the past in this New Year? Is is the jeans that you haven't worn in 10 years? The so-called friends who aren't supportive, just want to hear of your failures to make them feel better? The ex on Facebook so that you can keep an eye on what he/she is doing and who he/she is seeing? The fatty food in your fridge when you want to start eating better? The job that you know isn't getting you anywhere? In order to make room for some new, you have to get rid of the old.

So I cleaned my closets, cleaned the refrigerator and stocked up on vitamins. The goals that I have are not resolutions, but instead things that I know I can and I will accomplish. And gosh darn it, I am going to have a lot of fun with 2011!!

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