The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Have you ever tried to write about your life? If you haven't, try. Choose a period of time that was difficult for you and just write. I can tell you that it is quite emotional, as you might expect, but also very healing. 
I began writing "Messenger Between Worlds" several years back as a way of healing from past relationships, both romantic and family and it evolved. As I shared the stories with friends, they gently supported me to publish it. Yes, I would be putting my entire life out for the public to see. Yes, I would be putting my own failures out in front of strangers to be judged. But my intention to do so was not only to share my story, but to teach and to inspire, even if through spotlighting my struggles.
I am proud of the outcome and hope that you can find some healing for your own life when you read “Messenger Between Worlds”.
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