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Today I decided to plant my summer flowers. And what better a day then on the New Moon! I wanted to take you through a picture journey of my new blooms:)

This is my Summer 2009 Porch! Take the old and burn it, Burn it let it go. Fire starts within our hearts And gives us room to grow.

Right side of my porch. Notice the Cat Planter, I wouldn't be a crazy cat lady if I didn't have a cat planter, now would I? Bonus point if you find the alligator in the photo;)

Left side of my porch. That tree-man's eyes light up at night, I love him!

My picture window flower box. Petunia Waves will be flowing to the ground in no time. I love my house!

Blowing in the wind...

Sunny Side of Haunted Hillsdale... (a play of words from Beverly the Gothic Gourmet's Sunny Side of the Graveyard;) I am protected by your might,O gracious goddess, day and night.

And finally, a beeeeeautiful Iris for you!

Happy New Moon! Time to bloom!

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Comment by Amy on May 27, 2009 at 8:26am
I love it createfate. Makes me happy every time I come home:)

Maria, I adore my house. Thank you. I've just read a lot and through the years figured you u need the trailing plants with the plants with height and the spacing and yadda yadda:) What a huge compliment...Good Housekeeping:) You are kind!
Comment by Maria on May 25, 2009 at 6:42pm
Great job on the garden. It looks like something out of Good Housekeeping or something. You obviously have talent.

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