The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I am going to take the plunge and start a new season (#13). I have not done this in well over a year. I cried so much today. Nothing has been going right in any area including my health, my kids, work, money, love life. I know I need to change my attitude from hopeless to hopeful. I started today by taking an hour long walk, and during it I repeated over and over, I am totally healthy, I will find a great house, I will meet a great man. It helped clear my head. Then I took a nap because I have been very stressed and tired. After that I took my kids out for a nice dinner. I just got done with a very relaxing epsom salt bath. I took care of myself today. I am done crying. I know I need to change my attitude and I'll be fine. Not everything is bad. And my life has so much potential to improve. I know I have the power to change things. Namaste.

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Comment by Jacqueline on January 31, 2016 at 7:25am

sorry to hear that life has been tough for you. you have taken steps in the right direction, well done for turning yourself around to face the right direction. things can only get better. 

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