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I recently found a new way of writing songs, that I wanted to give a try... I know my song is not complete yet, but thus far, I am really, really fond of what I have written today! :) I already have a name for the song, and I already figured out some new chords I could use within the progression. It is a song on a topic I have been dealing with for quite some time now, and I hope I can get around to finding some people who'd be willing to e. g. record their drumming for this song, but as of now, it is just me, my guitar (Whose name is Kai, btw. :D) and the pen & paper combination... And my mind...

So, today was mostly writing a song, even though I *just* got around to start now... I also already sang what I have written down and strummed / played along with this. (I even found out another, alternative playing method for this.)

I hope that whoever reads this will have a good day. Talk to you later!!


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